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Drabble requests-- four FF7, one Slayers

Some of these were REALLY hard to write, especially the first one and the last one. I've been sitting here for over two hours. I was determined to get them done! x_x I hope everyone likes them. Whoo.

And, er, a few of these are probably not worksafe. Just so's you know.

For white_aster:

Fandom: FF7
C/P: Cid/Vincent
Prompt: "honest work"

"It's been a few years," Vincent says one night, out of the blue.

"What?" says Cid, puffing on a mostly-gone cigarette and frowning in confusion. "It's been a week, dumbass, don't tell me that you missed me that much--"

Vincent shakes his head, once, a precise movement left and then right. "No. I mean since we met one another."

Cid looks thoughtful for a moment. "Yeah, I guess so. What of it?"

Vincent looks at the cigarette clenched between Cid's lips, smoked almost down to the filter. "I have never seen you get sick."

Cid snorts, eyebrows going up like they do whenever Vincent says anything too weird or too normal. "Yeah, well, I got a method for that. It's all account a' honest work and clean livin'."

Vincent watches Cid stub out the end of the cig and then immediately light another.

"Clean living," he repeats, totally deadpan.

Cid grins at him around the cancer stick. "That, and I get laid regularly. You might try it sometime, Valentine."

"Whenever you're up for it," Vincent says, and then he turns and walks away, and definitely doesn't smirk at Cid's sudden choking fit on a lungful of smoke.

For laylah:

Fandom: FF7
C/P: Rude/Reno
Prompt: "coffee break"

Rude has exactly one breath to wonder why there's an arm flailing at him from the supply closet before Reno drags him in and plasters himself against Rude's chest, all hot wet mouth and grabby hands and hard cock rubbing against Rude's thigh.

"Shit, Reno, now?" he says when he manages to draw back for a second, because Rude at least has the presence of mind to wait till afterhours when he wants to fuck Reno at work.

"It's break time, man, we have twenty minutes and I intend to use all of 'em." Reno's grin is a slip-tilted flash of wickedness, and he's still rocking against Rude's leg. "C'mon, partner, make my coffee break worthwhile."

Rude almost sighs, but instead he grabs Reno's ass and grinds. Reno makes a warm, happy sound, so Rude leans down to nip at his ear, his voice low and hot.


A quick gasp. "Yeah, partner?"

"...You owe me a latte for this."

For an_cat_dubh:

Fandom: FF7
C/P: Reno
Prompt: "mad, bad, and dangerous to know"

I'm usually a laid-back kinda guy, y'know? No point getting all worked up over stuff, that's my theory. Everything'll be fine if you just kick back and wait long enough.

"Aren't you gonna do anything?" Rude asks, which just goes to show that he doesn't know me as well as he thinks he does sometimes.

"I am doing something," I say, slouching into the cafe chair a little more and putting my feet up on the seat across from me. "I'm waiting for my espresso. You sure you don't want one? I'll buy."

Rude's mouth compresses into a hard line, like it does when he knows I'm being a dick on purpose. "We have a mission..."

I grin at him across the table, and that's when the bomb goes off, four blocks away. You can hear people screaming from here, and the cloud of smoke is nothing short of impressive.

I give Rude bonus points for not even flinching. "Shit, Reno. Did you...?"

"Course I did." The waiter is standing four tables away, and I'm annoyed to note that he's about to let my espresso fall from his shaking hands.

Rude shakes his head. "You're fucked up, partner."

I just smile.

For arachnidism:

Fandom: FF7
C/P: Rufus/Reno
Prompt: "hit me with your best shot"

It's a good punch, a really good punch, and I would know, since I'm on the recieving end of it.

Knocks me back on my ass, and only luck keeps me from whacking my skull on the President's desk as I fall. The air all leaves me in one big whoosh and then I'm staring up at Rufus, gasping for breath and internally quaking at the look of murder on his face.

I'm so turned on it hurts.

"Gonna punish me, Boss?" I say when I can finally breathe again. "Gonna show me what bad boys get?"

His expression doesn't thaw any, but his eyes are all heat. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, Reno?" He moves to stand over me, close enough that I'm almost shoved back against the desk just because there's nowhere else to go that isn't Rufus's crotch.

I give him my best bedroom look and hope it's enough to move things in the direction I want them to go. "Fuck yeah," I breathe, low and hoarse. "You know I would."

His hand fists in my hair, and as I get dragged forward, I reflect that Rufus is a lot of fun when he's pissed, if he doesn't kill you first.

For tochira:

Fandom: Slayers
C/P: Lina and Amelia
Prompt: "have your cake and eat it too"

"So what do you want most of all?" Amelia asked, arms clasped around her knees. She and Lina were sharing a room tonight, and this was a perfect opportunity for some intimate girl talk. What could be better than getting to know each other even better?

"The Sword of Light," Lina said, without even thinking about it, like it was something Amelia was just supposed to know.

Amelia made a face. This girl-talk was not starting off correctly at all.

"I know!" Amelia said suddenly, smacking her fist into her palm.

"You know... what?" Lina took in the princess's shining eyes and radiant face and inwardly cringed.

"You could marry Mister Gourry, and then you'd have True Love and an heirloom, sort of. It would be like having your cake and eating it, too! ...Um. Miss Lina? Why are you looking at me like that...?"

Lina leaned forward, till she and Amelia were almost nose-to nose. The distinct sound of cracking knuckles echoed in the small room.

"That wouldn't," Lina said, low and careful, "be like eating cake at all."
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